Priscilla Myles

Kitchen Design Specialist

Priscilla Ganita Myles, was born in the Cayman Islands and has always loved the colour scheme of her country. Even as a young child, she had an appreciation for the skyscape of a Cayman sunset and sunrise and grew to value the local architecture and interior design. In 2008 she graduated from the New England Institute of Technology College Rhode Island where she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture /Interior Design.

As an interior designer, Priscilla’s main focus is serving the customer. Her work includes complete design services for multi-million dollar homes and commercial renovations to simply helping clients choose the perfect paint colors for their home. She has earned the admiration of many of her customers as both a trusted advisor and a close friend.

Her passion is designing timeless and traditional interiors for her clients, and is most influenced by her Caymanian heritage where she creates the perfect balance between traditional and modern design. Her other passion is volunteering her services and time to give back to her community. She has assisted UCCI with décor decisions and continues to donate furniture from previous projects to help update interiors. Her goal is to one day remodel houses for families who can’t afford to fix-up their homes.

Whether the project is new construction, remodel, or purely decorative, Priscilla adapts to her clients’ diverse needs and translates their ideas into unique designs.

Favourite Bon Vivant Item: Thermador Built-in Coffee Machine