Meet Our Team

Cynthia Hew


Cynthia Hew took a passion and a risk 9 years ago when she opened a kitchen store known as Bon Vivant. With a focus on education she introduced weekly cooking classes to help teach people ways to inspire better living through all things cooking.

Eddie Beniquez

Kitchen Design Specialist

Born in San Juan, PR, Eddie was always painting his room and walls around his home to change the look of his house and his mom loved it! While he went to University for Chemical Engineering, he found his true passion was revealed when he started to work as a kitchen designer.

Kathrene Ebanks

Kitchenware Guide

Born in Grand Cayman, Miss Kat loves interacting with her customers.  After 16 years of telecommunication experience, Miss Kat chose to change her career focus and celebrate her love of cooking and baking by joining the team at Bon Vivant. Her hobbies include cooking, baking, and gardening.