Cynthia Hew


Cynthia Hew took a passion and a risk 9 years ago when she opened a kitchen store known as Bon Vivant.  With a focus on education she introduced weekly cooking classes to help teach people ways to inspire better living through all things cooking.  Along with classes, Bon Vivant has a wide selection of top kitchenware brands used to simplify the process of preparing that perfect meal. The boutique, specialty store also offers large appliance brands for homeowners along with kitchen design services to assist customers with their new home build and/or renovations. While leading her business and engaging her staff, she is also married with two boys – all of whom motivate her every day to be an unstoppable force who will always walk to the beat of her own drum and sees no barriers because success is just a part of her make up.

Favourite Bon Vivant Item: Bosch 36” Flex-burner Induction Cooktop