SOLD OUT - Japanese Fusion: A Worldwide Phenomenon

SOLD OUT - Japanese Fusion: A Worldwide Phenomenon


A hands-on, immersive culinary experience following flavors from Japan around the world. Nikkei is perhaps the most well-known Japanese fusion food, incorporating Peruvian ingredients and preparations for an explosion of flavor. Explore the differences between ceviche and poke, get messy rolling your own sushi and learn about the techniques, ingredients and history behind Japanese food around the globe.

Menu TBC. 3 courses, including wine & non-alcoholic beverages. 

Chef Maureen Cubbon has lived in the Cayman Islands for over 20 years and is an active member of the local food and wine scene. An award winning chef in multiple local and international competitions, Chef Mo aims to to empower people, especially children, to know where their food comes and inspire everyone to get into their kitchens and cook!

Janice has a wealth of international culinary experience & hails from Peru, graduating form Le Cordon Bleu Peru with a degree in gastronomy and culinary arts.  Her passion food shines through everything she does from pasta making, traditional Peruvian fair to pastries & desserts. She has been cooking for most of her life, starting at an early age with Sunday family gatherings focusing around good food & “chacota” – you can ask her what this means when you meet her!

Whether you’re looking to meet new people or want to try something new with a friend or partner, Bon Vivant cooking classes are a fun, interactive way to elevate your culinary game and enjoy a delicious meal.


Jun 22, 2023 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Bon Vivant, Camana Bay


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