Handmade Pasta w Chef Janice McLauchlan

Handmade Pasta w Chef Janice McLauchlan

Fresh homemade pasta elevates every meal and is a fun, family-friendly and cost-effective addition to your repertoire. Chef Janice will guide us through the basic pasta dough recipes and then elevate them with easy to replicate shapes, additions and sauces. Get your hands dirty and enjoy a fun evening and lots of wine!

Chef Janice Mc Lauchlan is the newest team member at Zest & Bestlife Culinary.

Janice has a wealth of international culinary experience & hails from Peru, graduating form Le Cordon Bleu Peru with a degree in gastronomy and culinary arts.  Her passion for food shines through everything she does from pasta making and traditional Peruvian fair to pastries & desserts. She has been cooking for most of her life, starting at an early age with Sunday family gatherings focusing around good food & “chacota” – you can ask her what this means when you meet her!

We are excited to welcome Chef Janice to the Bon Vivant kitchen.




Apr 27, 2023 @ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Bon Vivant, Camana Bay

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